Contest Status Entries Awards
Gothic closed - see
Fairy Tale closed - see
Fangirl closed [12/15] see
Anime closed [16/15] see
Small Dolls closed [15/15] see
Nanaka Base Edit closed [14/15] see
Inspiration closed [7/8] see
Dolls with hats closed [13/15] see
Danielle Base Edit closed [9/15] see
Friends closed [6/15] see
Black and X closed [18/15] see
Magic closed [17/15] see

1. One entry per person... no more please!
2. You can use other people's bases but only with base credit!
3. Size maximum is 300x300 pixels
4: No frankendolling/stealing/doll makers, only your OWN work!
5. Animation is welcome but please keep frames to a minimum

eMail your entries.... use the following form:

Contest name:
Site URL:
Site Name:

Base Credit:

Be sure to attach your doll, make it a gif-file (if you really don't know how to convert it you can ask me to do it for you, but just don't send me bmp-files WITHOUT asking, since it is a service from me and it's rude to let me doing without even asking for it!) Please remember when you send me an entry that you give proper base credit (the URL, not just the site name!)

About voting: Sometimes there's a poll for visitor's choice, but I ALWAYS ask other people to vote for the actual awards (1st-3rd, special awards). It's done by "official" voting groups, by some frinds I asked or by random people who kindly offered their help =)