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1 Kayla
.:Kayla's Dolls:.
Ok you said send a few word so I just want to say my insparation is my best friends. Every idea I had was from them. They are the best friends I ever had so they deserve some credit for my doll. Ok and let me just say that I am the oe in the middle and my bffe Kathryn is the one in the jeans and Julia is the one in the dress.
2 Elvira
Killing Ecstacy
Base Credit: Historical Dolls
Source of Inspiration: I am inspired by many things around me when I doll. A major source of my inspiration comes from different books or novels I read. One of my favorite authors happens to be Anne Rice. I find it easy to doll her vivid characters because her worlds are so detailed and colorful with a bit of gothic magic. I have dolled Pandora, one of Anne Rice's many famous characters in her vampire tales. 
3 Kasey
Anarchys Child
When Im getting ideas for a doll, I listen to music. I can almost always come up with new Ideas when I listen to music
4 Zippy
This is a doll of my best friend Nomad (Jessica). She is in a star trek uniform because it was star trek dollz that I first wanted to make. My friend is a total star trek freak because of me. 
5 Wariena
Quetzalcoatl's Temple
base: (No longer provides)
Explanation: This doll is of Garet and Mia from Golden Sun, my favourite ever game. It is also my oldest ever doll that is still on my computer, one that I made before I even had the programs to make things transparent. I suppose all my old dolls help me because I can look at them, renew them, create new dolls based on them and such. They help me to see where I've gone wrong it the past, or, on the other extreme, show me what I should have carried on doing in my dolls.
6 Chi
Spell-binding Network
Base Credit:
Hm, you said to say something about the inspiration, but that's hard to do for me.
See, no one in my real life inspires me, mostly because a lot of them are the reasons
I am always in such a dark mood, so I created a pixel doll of my muse, which is a
character that I use as my site mascot. Her name's Yuko, and while she sleeps an
awful lot, causing large breaks in my creative streaks, I'm happy I at least have SOMETHING
that inspires me ^^
7 Monsum
Base credit: Shouri
What inspires you: The thing that inspires me the most is the love me and my fiance share, without him I am not even sure I would doll anymore, I always thinks happy thoughts when I think about him, and that makes me wanna doll