Contests Entries
1 Adara
Adara´s Dollz
2 Christia
Ashe's Dollhouse
3 Q
Q's Dolls 
4 Cally
Cally's Dolls
5 Jenn
Magical Gaden
6 Yana
Smoky Diamond Dolls
7 Brian
Brian's page
8 Christine
Escaped Pixel
9 Michelle
Liliths Lair Dolls
10 Jess
dry tears
11 Sushi-chan
my doll site
12  Rae
Dot * Pixel Productions
13 Carole
Cave of Wonders
14 Romina
Seishou Heaven

note: this doll is not in the visitor's choice poll because i got it after the end date when the poll was already started... the email was send before the end date (on the 14th) but i got it two days later.... which is weird, i know XD
it will be part of the voting for all the other awards (done by a judging service) though :D

15 none