Gifts - "Just because"

Carry"shot" this little bear for me because I really wanted one :) thanks ^^

This one was made for my by Mona, because I once told her that I like crazy color combinations (and clothing combos in general) thanks a lot ^^

This cute little gift was made by Carry :)

I got this one from LouLou as "thank you" for being in her private jury ^^

A gift/exchange doll by Julia, it's my muse Danielle =)

Two wonderful dolls by Isa, both on my bases *yay*

Siri made me this awesome doll of my muse Ireth ^^

I got this from Emy for hosting her... so cute =)

This beautiful doll is Orathty's summer gift

Another wonderful gift from Carry - It's me and Tuomas (Nightwish's keyboarder)

"Just because" ;) Thanks Lisa!

And another awesome doll of Ireth, made by Sirilfiel

Yet another great gift from Isa (Aleana)

This cute portrait was made by Carry ^^