Those are my lovely sisters :)

Babz is just... Babz *lol* She's a nice person, makes wonderful dolls and runs a popular website and forum (and that's where we got to know each other) Her page is worth a look for everyone, there's an english and german version.
The sister gift is a kind of inside joke, by the way xD

We also met in Babz's forum and got to know each other better in the "adult" section (which is 16+ there because the average age is around 13 I think *lol*) [EDIT: I wrote this 2 years ago, now the average age is around 15... does anyone see a pattern here?]
She is a very talented doller and her site is wonderful!

I met Siri (surprise) in the Mali Board (Babz's forum ^^), we got to know each other better in the forum's chatroom.
She's a very talented doller, although she doesn't believe it when we tell her she is Ôo

It may sound strange, but it's true - I got to know Isa in the Mali Board *lol*
We have quite a lot in common (for example our favorite band ^^) and we met each other a while ago... we wanted to go to a concert, the concert was cancelled but we still had fun =)
[The Doll she sent me is kinda... lost. I was SURE i had saved it, but I can't find it anywhere. She obviuosly deleted it from her website, too, because I kept the PM she sent me and there's only a red X. I have to ask her to send the doll again *lol*]