Kisekae Dolls

KiSS dolls are addictive little dolls take take a lot (and I mean A LOT!) of time to create, but are also really fun.
They're in some way like the dollmakers provided on my site, but with a lot more features. You can change hairstyles, some dolls are animated or have background music - it's possible to code even more nice stuff, if you're more talented than me when it comes to coding them ^^

To play with those dolls you need a KiSS Viewer that you can get on the Big Kiss Page at Otakuworld.You can also find a HUGE archive of dolls there, although you need to get a subscription to download them. The viewers are free though.

I started making KiSS dolls about 4 or 5 years ago, had loads of fun making them and then disappeared from the KiSS community for 3 years. In january 2006 I finally decided to try it again and actually finished a new doll. Now I'm trying to get back into things, including posting at the Otakuworld-forums and checking the Deviantart KiSS-group for new stuff.

Most of my older dolls have "died", except for the Miaka Yuuki one... some of the others are still available on Otakuworld, though.

So finally: Here are my dolls =) Click on the preview pictures to download them.
My first doll after the long break - it was hard to get used to using palettes again (when making pixel dolls I could change the colors as I needed them, but for KiSS dolls I have to set a palette first and use it for all the pieces) and it took some time to figure out the coding again, but except for this it was really fun.
I'm quite proud of this doll, I like most of the clothes. There are some problems with the layering, but that's also something I haven't done for years,  so it could have been worse ;)
Miaka Yuuki
This is probably the only older doll that will ever be displayed on this site.
In the readme it says "finished Dezember 30, 2001", which means it is old enough to excuse all the mistakes xD

If you like that doll you might want to download Aragonite's Miaka doll as well. She used the same pose, but did a much better job. And no, we didn't copy from each other, the picture we used for the base is a quite well-kown one.