Our Doll Maker

You can make your own dolls with this dollmaker, simply drag&drop the pieces like you want them to be, press print screen and copy it to any graphic program where you can save it.

if you display dolls that were made with this dollmaker on your website please link back to http://www.miaka-online.de
DON'T DIRECT LINK TO THIS MAKER! That's just a very small part of my website and I want my visitors to see all of it, so only link to the main page! If you link to the maker, I will find out anyway, thanks to the useful referrer script, so... don't do it.
This also covers link lists to dollmakers, online games, whatsoever: link to my main page! i'll get really angry if you don't!

you can use these dolls as avatars/signatures in forums or for whatever you like, as long as you give us credit.
you may not claim these dolls as your own or use any pieces from this maker for your own dolls or own dollmaker.

if you have any question feel free to email me!

Create your dolls in any of the white spaces below :)

Please note that the cat-styled hoodies don't fit over any hairstaly except for the very short one (last row of the the top hairstyles)

This dollmaker was made by Miaka&Minna, base by Minna, available at http://www.miaka-online.de