First, be sure not to adopt dolls that aren't adoptable... it is clearly stated on every page that some dolls are adoptable and some are not. most of the dolls that arent were made for people at several forums who paid forum currency for them so adopting them would not be fair.
Adopting dolls means you can put them on your site, but you have to state clearly that the doll was NOT made by you and link back to my site.
You may not use my dolls as forum signatures/avatars/layouts etc.

Please do NOT direct link my dolls... it's unfair because it's my traffic... and I tend to rename or delete files from time to time, so direct linking would be a pain, trust me ;)

As for bases, feel free to use them for your own dolls, as long as you give us credit (a link to and NOT "made by miaka/made by minna)

Those were the most important rules... others, like NO FRANKENDOLLING  are just normal, you should know how to deal with other people's work!