Gradients - Pixelshading

You can use this Tutorial with any program that has a color replacer tool.
The base used for this tut is by Apitchou

I've been asked how to pixel gradients a couple of times already, so I thought I'd quickly explain it's not as hard as some people may think, it's just quite a lot of work.
You first need a finished piece of clothing that you want to put the gradient on, in my example it's the dress.
The next step it to create a palette for your gradient, you can find a quick tutorial how to do this here or get premade gradient palettes here.
For my doll I'm using this palette:
As you can see the palette is divided into 4 colors with 5 shades each, so, naturally, my dress has to be divided into 4 colors with 5 shades, too.
I usually take some random, bright colors first so I can easily see the difference between  the 4 steps (the first color of my palette is the original color of the dress, so it doesn't have to be changed)
Use the color replacer tool for doing this and don't mind if the lines don't match the folds, you'll hardly see it in your end result.
Instead of making straight lines and contrast between the different colors I used a pattern between each colors to make it look more smooth in the end.
After diving your your dress into different colors (btw, that was the part that takes long *lol*) you only have to replace the bright colors with your actual palette... and you're done ^^

My finished doll looks like this =)