Jeans - Pixelshading

You can use this Tutorial with any program that has a pencil tool
The base used for this tut is by Beautiful World.

I've made some jeans palettes that you can use, for my own doll I used the first one =)

Begin with drawing the outlines using the darkest color of your palette, remember to make the lines curved instead of straight. Also look at how I drew the outlines at the feet (I don't really know how to explain it O_O)
-> See a bad example of outlines here
With the next color start shading the jeans... if the light source is in front of your doll the darker shades are on the sides of the legs.
Draw in some folds at the knees and on the bottom and some smaller ones all along the legs.
With the next color continue shading.
When shading the folds add some pixels of the lighter color under the folds that are already there and add some new folds if you like.
Fill the remaining spaces with the next color, zoom out to see if you like the shading so far, if you don't like it that's the best time to change a few pixels here and there =D
When using larger bases I normally draw some highlights with a lighter color at this point, but this time it seems alright to me like this.

Now it's time for some details... the first image shows the lines I drew (in a bright color so you can see them better), the second one shows the finished details.
If you compare the first screenshot to the second one you'll realize that I also changed the shading in these parts of the jeans, for example inside the pockets: I filled them with the 3rd palette color and added some shading with the 2rd one.

Congrats, your jeans are finished :)